Alternatively, could there be any other suppliers of that specific ink? It works without flaws. Thanks a lot for your review. Inkspace is the basic version of the app. The pen clip is nice. Wascon should make you an ambassador of their company.

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The folio is like a folder with cover, extra slots and a large side pocket for you to put stuff. I’ve tried really thick notepads and not all strokes can be captured. This year, they have released a new model called the Bamboo Slate. Black Friday deals for Parblo tablets.

The ballpoint pen uses those 6. Overall, the pen looks better compared to the one from Bamboo Spark.

Bamboo Slate: New Colors to Match Your Style

Why did you attach the notepad with clips? If you need that functionality, then should serve your need.

More information about text formats. These are the features: I’ve changed the colour to green so that you can differentiate it from the scan in black. And here’s what was captured and overlayed onto the the original scan. The Bamboo Slate is just the Bamboo Spark with a different look. It’s the same port used by most Android phones.


While the ability to digitize and export vector strokes is good, I can do that by like the Live Trace feature inside Adobe Illustrator. What’s included The items included are the device itself, a ballpoint pen, extra pen refill, the refill remover and micro-USB cable for charging.

You can open b,ue file in Adobe Illustrator to work on it further. I’ve a problem with the pen. The Zebra refill has a silver coloured metallic body. Bamboo Slate actually detects pressure. This allows you to download your files from your favourite apps.

Inkspace Plus Inkspace is the basic version of the app. If you want to get Bamboo Slatevisit these Amazon product links below: So when getting new notepads, get one under 80 pages. Bambook Spark is cheaper so it might be more worth the money, but they are only available in folio style. The device is said to support notepads up waacom 8mm thick approximately 80 pages.


Artist Review: Wacom Bamboo Slate for Drawing or Note Taking | Parka Blogs

It’s good to have clipboard style too because there might be people who don’t want the folio or extra bulk. On the front, the material use is some qacom of faux leather with grid of tiny crosses. Overall build quality is great. Subscribe to our mailing list Email Address.

Pairing of the Bamboo Slate and your mobile device is done inside Inkspace. Thank you a lot for dlate review. The functionality of Bamboo Spark and Bamboo Slate is essentially the same.

You don’t have to sync immediately whenever you write something. Even if the paper moves a bit while writing, handwriting will still look alright.