This is a low-level encryption technique designed to give the user about the same amount of privacy that he would expect from a LAN. This access point usually uses all the default security and management settings for example, Open authentication, default IP address, user name, or password. Select the appropriate profile from the Profiles list. Desktop alerts are displayed when your wireless network changes state. Verify that the Application Settings option Notify when another application uses the wireless adapter is selected. Verify that the CA you just installed is listed.

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Click Finished to view the package contents. If not, use long preamble Long Tx Preamble. The profile is added to the Profiles list. Click Administrator Tool from the Tools menu.

– Intel Corporation Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link AG Drivers

Application Settings An administrator can select which level of control that users have over their wireless network connections. Resets the setting on the user machine to the default value. Name Description Static Password On connection, enter the user credentials. This setting is not applicable for Windows Vista TM client. Refer to Software for information to reduce the size of the Administrator Package executable file.


Provides adapter connection status information.

The default location is the desktop. Unavailable for Administrator Profiles. Your wireless adapter maintains automatic data rate control according to access point location to achieve the fastest possible connection.

No wireless network adapter driver was detected in the system The system could not detect an Intel wireless adapter is the system. You are connected to a network that is not configured with security and wireleds are shared folders detected in your system File and printer sharing enables other computers on a network to access resources on your computer.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

From adding new functionality and improving performanceto fixing a major bug. The Maintain Connection option maintains the wireless connection with a aifi profile after log off.

Shared Key An encryption key known only to the receiver and sender of data. This profile is shared by all users. Preamble Mode Changes the preamble length setting received by the access point during an initial connection. Set the adapter to a lowest transmit power.

The profile is now reapplied. Use the Advanced Settings to set the following: Desktop Alerts When user action is required, a desktop alert displays. For these reasons Intel cannot permit any manipulation by third parties of the software provided in binary format with the wireless LAN adapters e.


Application Auto Launch Select to start a batch file, executable file, or script automatically when a specific profile connects to the network. A high-speed, low-error data network covering a relatively small geographic area.

Mixed Mode Protection Use to avoid data collisions in a mixed Note that this bit rate will vary, under software control, with different signal path conditions.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link AG Specs – CNET

Insert the Smart Card. Ad Hoc Channel There is no need to change the channel unless the other computers in the ad hoc network use a different channel from the default channel.

The signal quality ranges from excellent to out of range. Profiles can be shared with other users. The TLS Handshake Protocol allows the server and client to provide mutual authentication and to negotiate an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys before data is transmitted.

Contact the Intel Corporation Support Web site at http: Intl Administrator Tool is located on the Tools menu.