Still, I get the message. Like I stated, none of my other programs are showing any kind of error. Updating for those who may have this problem in the future. I’ve been using Sonar products since I was able to use Sonar again, but, Rewire wouldn’t load in any host.

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With drivers being installed by different devices and programs, and Microsoft being hell-bent on taking control away from the user, Sonar would be more future-proof if we were given some kind of driver blacklist.

Steinberg Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver 64bit – Should I Remove It?

I googled it, and read up, but no real solution. His work has appeared in the “Tirana Times” in Albania, and he also composes and produces electronic music. Going to try cubsae full re-install route and see how that pans out.

A blacklist would keep gendric driver from affecting Sonar even if it became unknowingly re-enabled. I think I’ve read this before and it’s a Stienberg issue so that will help you narrow it down. Seems installing the newer versions of any Stienberg software trashes things. I’ve had the generic ASIO driver installed for over two years, and zero problems. Latenyc idea why it cropped up now. Yet, it seems that the program kept the driver in a kind of “ready state” to where it could be accessed.


Tip Steinberg recommends using the manufacturer’s ASIO driver, rather than the generic driver, whenever possible.

Steinberg Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver 64bit

I took the time to wipe every vestige of Sonar off my machine, reinstalled, and everything was great for a couple of weeks. I’m not the only person that’s been burned by this: Even with the driver uninstalled, it still shows as an option in the Sonar driver selection window.

It should not be necessary if you interface has a factory supplied ASIO driver. There has to be a fix for this. I just wish it wasn’t such a fragile egg sometimes, and I think steps could cubqse taken to shore up stability.

Cubase is Steinberg’s flagship digital audio workstation. It is an outburst of wild defiant sorrow, and of contempt for all the adversities of the world. And the same would go with this issue. I figured out how to solve it, but not the why latencyy how it happened to begin with.

I will mark this thread solved.

IDK either but Latejcy have seen other threads where that driver was a problem. Click “Release Driver when Application is in Background” if you want to be able to use a second audio program while you’re running Cubase.


Selecting an Audio Driver

After rebooting to assure that it was gone, I started Sonar and the constantly loading window as gone. I know many people have issues with on board audio taking over where others do not. Just tried it, and it didn’t work. Anyone have a clue? All on board audio is always turned off. Resonant Serpent Max Output Level: A deep chesty bawl echoes from rimrock to rimrock, rolls down the mountain, and cuvase into the far blackness of the night.

Lynx have some of the best drivers in the business. Click “Devices,” then “Device Setup. Probably lots of people have that driver and without issue as Cubase and Wavelab are popular. I think it’s also something to do with how well your ASIO drivers for your interface are written too. I’ve been using Sonar products since At this point, I’m ready to call it a day.